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Mangos Roma Tomato Super King Premium Basa Swai Fillets Fresh Beef Shoulder Clod Steak or Roast Fritos or Cheetos 8-10 oz. Bag or Fritos Bean Dip 9 oz. Ca Golchin Olive Oil Blend Sis Mountain Plain Yogurt Challenge Unsalted Butter Dairyland Piknik Cheese Sabra Hummus Kern’s Nectars Springfield Tomato Sauce Regular or No Salt Maseca Traditional or Para Tamales First Lady Jasmine Rice Gain Powder Detergent 45 oz. Box or Liquid Detergent 50 oz. Btl Foster Farms Fresh Whole Chicken Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Thighs Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Drumsticks Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters Foster Farms Fresh Split Chicken Breast Foster Farms Fresh Ground Turkey Foster Farms Nuggets 33.6 oz. or Patties  28 oz. Foster Farms Cooked items Bolillos Cashews Roasted and Salted Smoked Russian Ham
Fresh Imitation Crab Meat Fresh Beef Center Cut Shank Fresh Ground Beef 85% Lean Fresh Pork Country Style Ribs Chorizo Fresh Pork Neckbone Fresh Chicken Leg Meat New Zealand Lamb Shoulder Steak or Roast Chicken Gizzards or Hearts Provolone Cheese Valbreso Feta Cheese Don Francisco Fresco Natural Cheese Western Bagels Red Velvet Cake San Daniele Mortadella Foster Farms Mesquite Turkey Breast Sliced Loaf Cake Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet Raw Peeled & Deveined Shrimp Tree Ripe Orange Juice Kiri Cheese Mid East Lebni Tampico Citrus Punch John Morrell Meat Franks 12 oz. Pkg. or Bologna 12 oz. Pkg. Joseph Farms Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Mild Cheddar or Pepper Jack Armour Funkits Heritage Organic Milk Ranchero Beef or Pork Chorizo Noche Buena Queso Fresco or Panela Lala Blended Yogurts Yakult Probiotic Beverages Italian Capicola Ham
Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky Paul Masson V.S. Brandy Piper Sonoma Sparkling Wine Midnight Moonshine Diseno Malbec Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky Kru 82 or Three Olives Vodka Pari Brown Basmati Rice Royal Select Armenian Tomato Paste Sipa Vermicelli Pasta Sipa Vermicelli Pasta Zergut Roasted Pepper Hot or Mild Peppetizer Mid East Mango Drink Mid East Lemon Juice Blend Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite or Coors Light Bud Light Platinum, Bud Light Lime, Budwieser Black Crown or Michelob Ultra Modelo Especial, Pacifico Clara Tecate or Tecate Light Mid East Pickles Canary Green Cracked Olives Langers Pomegranate Juice 32 oz. Btl. or Pineapple Juice 64 oz. Btl. Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Tropical or Skippy Diana’s Corn Tortillas Maruchan Instant Lunch Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Don Francisco Coffee Springfield Diced, Whole Peeled, or Stewed Tomatoes Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz., Trix 10.7 oz., Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 oz. or Golden Grahams 12. oz. Box Imported Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta , Squirt or 7UP Pepsi, Squirt or 7 Up Soft Drinks Coca Cola or Fanta Soft Drinks Perrier Mineral Water Lipton or Starbucks Coca Cola Soft Drink Powerade Sports Drinks Bai5 Infusions Aquafina Water Danisa Butter Cookies Jose Cuervo Especial Silver or Gold Tequila
Sour Plums Papaya Large Cucumbers Dry Tamarind Spinach Mini Sweet Peppers White Potatoes Loose Beets Mushrooms Pineapples Dried Apricot or Dried Pineapple Dried Mango Slices Sunflower Seeds Roasted and Salted Fresh Beef 7-Bone Steak or Roast Fresh Pork Sirloin End Chops or Roast Goat Meat (Chivo) Charmin Basic Bath Tissues Serv-Rite Smoked Virginia Ham Foster Farms Oven Roasted Turkey Genco Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend 123 Vegetable Oil Monster Energy Drinks Bounty Basic Paper Towels Soy Beans or Beans Sprouts Cluster Tomatoes Brown Onions Bananas Johnnie Walker Platnium Label 18 Yr. Scotch Whisky D’usse V.S.O.P. Cognac Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23 Rum Bulleit 10 Yr. Bourbon Whiskey Cointreau Oringinal or Noir Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur Absolut Vodka Cruzan Strawberry Rum Crystal Geyser Water

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