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Persian Cucumbers Red Grapes Fresh Chicken Drumsticks Fresh Beef Center Cut Shank Cacique Queso Fresco Post Cereals Oscar Mayer Premium Sliced Bacon Large Eggs Grade AA Fritos or Cheetos Pita Pit Bread White or Whole Wheat Nissin Cup Noodles Hansen’s Apple Juice Nestle Pure Life Water Morton Salt Regular or Iodized Big Quality Paper Towels Western Sliced Bagels Peanuts Roasted & Salted Foster Farms Mesquite Turkey Breast Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Bulleit Bourbon, Rye Whiskey Stoli Elit Vodka Dewar’s White Label Scotch Whisky Bombay Sapphire Gin Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whisky Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne Clase Azul Reposado Tequila
Super King Premium Basa Swai Fillets Fresh Beef Top Round Steak or Roast Fresh Chicken Leg Meat Fresh Pork Country Style Ribs Raw Medium White Headless Shrimp Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet Fresh Beef Eye Round Roast Fresh Pork Neck Bone Fresh Beef Stew Meat Chicken Gizzards or Hearts Randall Farms Fresh Chicken Thighs or Leg Quarters Ammerlander Swiss Cheese Valbreso Feta Cheese Los Altos Queso Fresco “La Cubeta” Lean Pastrami Serv-Rite Smoked Virginia Ham San Daniele Mortadella Sunny Delight Citrus Punch Regular or Smooth Lilly Sour Cream Yakult Probiotic Dairy Beverage Verka Plain or Low Fat Yogurt Abali Lebni John Morrell Smoked Sausages Springfield Homestyle of Buttermilk Waffles Budget Savers Ice Cream Pops or Bars Dadu Ice Cream Goya Frozen Discos Pastry Dough Sigma Fud Queso Fresco San Rafael Shredded Cheese Red Velvet Cake Sticky Buns Jalapeno Cream Cheese Roll
Bacardi Rum Gold, Silver or Oakheart Camus V.S.O.P. Elegance Cognac New Amsterdam Vodka Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Diseno Malbec Jose Cuervo Silver or Gold Tequila Bushmills Irish Whiskey or Bushmills Irish Honey Putinka Classic or Soft Vodka Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite or Coors Light Budweiser or Bud Light Bud Light Platinum, Bud Light Lime, Budwieser Black Crown, Michelob Ultra, Beck’s or Beck’s Sapphire Bud Light Platinum, Bud Light Lime, Budwieser Black Crown, Michelob Ultra, Beck’s or Beck’s Sapphire Dos XX Ambar, Lager, Bohemia or Beers of Mexico California Rose Calrose Rice Ari’s Black Olives Royal Aubergine Paste Golchin Tomato Paste Sadaf Pickled Cucumbers Medium Bimbo Soft Bread White, Wheat or Honey Wheat El Paraiso Tostada Caseras Mid East Turnip Pickles Zarrin Cube Sugar Coffee Cup & Saucer Goya Perdigon Olives Pagasa Maria Rolls Visvita Yogo Drinks Rogelio Bueno Mole or Herdez Tropical Preserves Progresso Bread Crumbs Hot Shot Insecticides Sun Vista Pinto Beans Goya Pasta Nutrioli Oil Guerrero Corn Tortillas Imported Coca Cola, Sprite, or Fanta Fuze Drinks, Pepsi, Fanta Lipton Tea Coca Cola Soft Drinks 7 Up Ten, Squirt Ten, Sunkist Ten, A&W Ten or RC Ten Pepsi Soft Drinks Rockstar Energy Drink Squirt, 7UP, Sunkist Soft Drinks Evian Water
Yellow Nectarines Anaheim Chile Jicama Broccoli Carrots Baby Dill or Mint Peruano Beans White Onions Grape Tomatoes Cantaloupe Athena Dried Apricots Dried Cranberries Pitted Dry Prunes Indo European Bulgarian Feta Cheese Zergut Danish White Cheese Al-Wadi Frozen Okra Small or Montana Okra Indo European Fillo Dough or Kataifi Dough Zergut Puff Pastry Jecky’s Bureka Potato Pie Tray or Spinach-Cheese Zergut Marinated Tomatoes & Pickles Zergut Russian Style Egglant Spread Raw Large Head-on Shrimp Beef Back Ribs Charmin Basic Bath Tissue Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blended Watermelon Fresh Pork Sirloin End Chops or Roast Mozzarella Cheese Belvedere Vodka Flavors Springfield Tomato Sauce Limes Chicken Party Wings Foster Farms Turkey Pastrami Perrier Mineral Water Springfield Cooking Oil Corn or Vegetable Potatoes

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